some nice things that have happened.

it’s almost the end of the year. everyone has started trying to work out whether or not they liked music this year, and specifically, what music it was they actually liked. and seeing as our album came out in agesss ago february, it’s very kind that some people seem to have remembered it.

lloyd from peenko has compiled the scottish blogger and music sites award (BAMS), taking votes from apparently 47 different people/blogs, and we came joint sixth. six is a solid number, i’ve always thought.

the list were very kind to nominate us for the best newcomer at their cultural awards the other week. we didn’t win, but we took solace that they rated us 47th hottest thing in scotland. hotter than my big bro jonnie common AND df concerts. ouch.

the skinny rated us 39th best album i think, and even though we were behind low, we were ahead of rustie, and i am chuffed with that.

our album even managed to sell a few copies, appearing on the list of best selling albums in avalanche records edinburgh.

so after all that, i’m sure you’re thinking WHERE CAN I BUY THIS OH SO HIGHLY ACCLAIMED RECORD?  here yall.


Dec 20, 2011